One observation on the consequences of more virtual sex

I’ve been too lazy to write anything lately but trust me when I say I’ve not been too lazy to read Penthouse and its coverage on sex games (btw. Penthouse seems to have less good articles than Playboy in general but at least it has more pics for those who aren’t familiar with it). It reports for example that theadultoriented online game Red Light Center had more active users(600k which is no small accomplishment) than Second Life last fall although it has had very little media coverage. I haven’t tried it yet though I’m planning to. All in the name of following progress of course. Still, it got me thinking that this is the kind of progress that I think won’t be good for many women in the long run. After all, whatever lowers the “cost” of not securing women for your manly “needs” should basically mean men will spend less money on real women. I don’t think this is a bad thing as most females are after all fools who waste ridiculous amounts of money on such important things as shoes and new clothing for every single event (I definitely remember reading that women spend most of the money though they definitely don’t earn most of it unless you count earning money for their “favors” for men). Still, it seems bimbos will have a bit harder time in the future securing benefits from men. Even more so when the sex bot technology matures. I can only hope this will benefit smarter women at the expense of all the many brainless females who will probably suffer a bit (relativetotheirpeers– maybe not that much or at all in absolute terms unless some dystopic scenarios come true too). Anyway, I think geeks like me will prosper so I’m all for more virtual sex and sex bots.

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