On the extent of human responsibility

As I have been a transhumanist for long but have written fairly little on related subjects here I think it’s time to at least give a link to this interview with Nick Bostrom and David Pearce who have been very influential in that movement:

(intro by) ANDRÉS LOMEÑA: Transhumanism, or human enhancement, suggests the use of new technologies to improve mental and physical abilities, discarding some aspects as stupidity, suffering and so forth.

(ending notes)D.P.: You may notice certain differences of emphasis between Nick and me. But I think we’d both agree that the future of life in the universe is potentially glorious beyond human comprehension.

N.B.: We do agree on that. And that is really important.

I recommend reading it all and I too agree that humans have the potential to create something very close to paradise on earth (long luxurious lives without disease and so on) but right now the future has very powerful enemies which is probably why I often focus on them rather than on other things. Anyone who realizes what is at stake should definitely fight hard to oppose all those enemies including Islamists and leftists, who strive to enslave the productive people who could create that paradise, while contributing to dysgenic outcomes which basically ensure humanity’s potential for something better go down the toilet more each year and to the extent they hold power.

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