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It’s getting a bit repetitive, but I enjoy starting a New Year by reading stuff on Edge’s The World Question Center; this year’s question is ‘WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT? WHY?’. I haven’t read all the answers yet but I was delighted to find few thinkers who have changed their minds about whether human’s have been evolving in recent history. They have I think and that has serious consequences for immigration policy among other things and it’s good to see that more people are acknowledging it. If only multiculturalists would start using their brains too!

Also, on computer department, I have recently switched to using Gentoo Linux most of the time after about one and a half years after installation my Windows XP appears to be compromised by something malicious; I have experienced serious delays while browsing the internet for example. I have no idea what’s the cause but it’s definitely possible my computer has been hacked and is running a botnet or something whenever I start XP. Still, switching to Gentoo has made my laptop very responsive once again. In addition I started reading a book called ‘Hacking for Dummies’ which sounds about right and hopefully will make me more security conscious and help me avoid getting hacked sometime.

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