Peace on earth in Europe this Christmas.. but maybe not for long

Some nice stuff from the comments section at the Gates of Vienna which I think reveals why Europe is once again probably going downhill:

Zenster said…

Last_Norwegian: In addition anger works. Look at our current ‘leaders’. Angry mobs of muslims/greenies have a huge influence on decisions while our ‘leaders’ know that ignoring the calm, common man has no consequences for them. Not too hard to figure out who they’ll appease and who they’ll ignore then.

Excellent post, Last_Norwegian. You’ve identified several key elements that all militate toward extreme violence instead of less forceful solutions to these issues. Moreover, it is quite clear how multiculturalist politicians bear much responsibility for this. In answering only to those who threaten their political office rather than being concerned about the electorate’s welfare, such abject self-interest breeds up far more horrors to come. This is what will eventually transform the “calm, common man” into a militant national who will defend home, hearth and family by all means available. As JFK noted:


I could remind that I think one of the main causes for growing European irresponsibility and stupidity is the way too generous welfare mentality so pervasive in Europe. If people don’t bear responsibility for even themselves and their children, how could they possibly bear the much larger responsibility for whole Europe’s future? The more money you give to the irresponsible so that they can have more children at the expense of others, the worse the situation becomes as each generation is worse than the one before it rather than being better as I think would likely be the case without the so called ‘welfare-system’. The problem is that this progress is just too slow for those who are responsible for it to suffer most of its consequences which has made it profitable for the leftists. Unless people like me start acting a bit more proactively in opposing them they will pay little while others will suffer later because of them.

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