Say no to handouts for Muslims

Hugh Fitzgerald echoes my own feelings quite well on this Dhimmi Watch piece The Jizyah continues to flow:

How horrible it is that, with ten trillion dollars having been transferred since 1973 alone from the oil-consuming nations to the Muslim oil states, that now the profligate and ignorant and timid West is spending still more billions and tens and hundreds of billions. Western governments are spending all this money in the mistaken hope that “poverty” is what makes the “Palestinians” or any other Muslim Arabs insistent on waging war. It is not “poverty.” It is Islam.

The Infidels refuse to take Islam seriously. This incredible offer shows it. Utter folly. It disgusts. It maddens.

It disgusts me too. I know nothing which makes them deserve Western money. Instead I think they deserve nothing. But of course that didn’t stop the US and EU to pledge more than a billion more for those Palestinians.
Here in Turkey even little kids very often ask for money when they see me. They may not be very educated but boy have they learned that Europeans are often suckers or at least they have been taugth that by their parents it seems. I of course give nothing. Why would they deserve anything? They have a decent country with a quite hostitable climate yet they want people who often have to support themselves in much harsher environments to help them. Disgusting.

Update: I found this relevant analysis on Atlas Shrugs that reports that aid to Palestine has tended to increase the number of homicides there as well as decreased the region’s economic growth. A good reason to give more aid, eh?

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