One good reason to consider supporting the BNP

The genetic makeup of the population of Britain doesn’t seem to be improving according to this news item which reports that one in five kids in Britain are born to foreign mothers. Not to mention that the women coming from Pakistan in Britain have a fertility rate of 4.7 which is almost three times as high as that of native Britons. That might not be any problem if those people were not carrying genes that have made for example acid attacksagainstwomen popular in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh as reported
. I’m betting they have cruelty programmed into them not only by their culture but also by their genes. Now they have of course brought both to infect Britain. Dysgenics in action I say as I have no evidence to indicate their other traits like intelligence compensate for those shortcomings. On the contrary, they tend to have quite low IQs as well although of course for example the higher castes in India are quite smart (and more than few of them are now in Britain which may be a good thing but I don’t think enough to make the total positive).WhenIwasintheUKImetoneofthoseIndians
whoprovedtohavea verystrange
idea of deserving all sorts of handouts from Britons while at the same time he was complaining about “discrimination”while occasionally working at some sort of affirmative action programs which I could tell was very probably because he was clearly not competent enough to work well in his profession. Again: this would be the right time to stop this madness. When their genes spread the problem can only get worse.

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