Jews and Bolshevism: Falsely Accused?

As I previously wrote about David Duke’s claim that Jews were very much responsible for all the horrors created by Bolshevism in my post ‘Welcome to the Jewniverse’ I might just as well point out this attempted rebuttal by Bruce Walker to that claim. Still, it doesn’t seem to be that good as a rebuttal as nowhere does he deny that secular Jews weren’t the main driving force of early Bolshevism. As Walker writes they were definitely against Judaism:

Good Jews could not prevent a few bad Jews from doing what they wished. Bolsheviks, including Jewish Bolsheviks, were hostile to Judaism. From December 1918 to August 1919, the teaching of Hebrew was banned, religious instruction in Judaism was forbidden, the Kehillot (an umbrella organization of Jewish communists) was suppressed and the leaders of those organizations were rounded up and imprisoned.

but that was presumably simply because they were against religiosity in general and does notstrongly imply other anti-religious Jews weren’t in control at that time or shortly afterwards (I suppose I’d have to study what were the reasons behind attacking the Kehillot to assess how relevant that is to Jewish responsibility).

Then he claims the following:

The whole record of Bolshevism and Jewishness strongly indicates that Bolsheviks, like Fascists, used gullible and deluded Jews, the minority of Jews to be sure, to dig their own graves, sign their own death warrants, and confess to non-existent crimes.

No doubt that was part of the picture as that seems to be part of the standard method of those who have both the talent for manipulation and wickedness built into their personality, but somehow I doubt Gentiles would have been capable of outsmarting those Bolshevik Jews who were probably quite clever although seriously misguided in their thinking. So I do think it is likely thetop Jews were more or less responsible even for eliminating other Jews; those on the top might simplyhave used the lives of lesser Jews as bargaining chips for their own short-term gain which may have back-fired in the longer run as there were then too few Jews to oppose further elimination of other Jews such as even themselves.

He also writes about Marx:

What happened in the Soviet Union is only part of the error in assuming that, somehow, the Jewish people are responsible for Bolshevism. People eager to embrace that falsehood often note that Karl Marx was “Jewish.” That is not true: Marx was half Jewish and half Christian. His family converted to Christianity, but Marx rejected both Judaism and Christianity.

But again, to the extent that the term ‘Jews’ is understood as referring to one particular race whose Eastern variant has after all a full standard deviation higher IQ average than many other whites (and quite likely also other at least almost as important differences) Marx was a Jew according to David Duke’s somewhat deeper analysis.ThefactthathisfatherconvertedtoChristianity

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