Anti-reason on the rise

To me it is clear that although Europe is still better than the average part of our globe, it is nevertheless rotten to the core. In Europe, you can find good people only in the extreme fringes. The majority of the people are simply totally wrong or ignorant on most of the important things. To draw attention to just a single issue today, one basic thing that keeps progress alive is the much celebrated “freedom of speech” which themost central parts of Europe have already given up as documented in this Jared Taylor’s article Return to the Dark Ages(originallywrittenin2001) using excuses like “incitement to racial hatred or Holocaust denial can not be allowed”. In Germany and France, truth is simply prohibited in court rooms if it is against what is accepted (and big surprise: Jews have defined in large part what is to be accepted as the truth).

In contrast, the US has still little more reasonable laws in place, but that is hardly preventing similar madness on the ground level there as documented at GoV: 9-year old suspended for ‘hate crime’. Read it and fight it when you encounter it in your life!

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