Diving deeper into the Jewniverse

Now that I’ve had time to read most of David Duke’s book on Jewish supremacism about which I previously wrote in this older post I can safely say that I think it’s important to occasionally read things that mainstream people vilify the most. Duke writes much about what is quite commonly acknowledged (though also denied) such that Jews do control much of the MSMespeciallyintheUS and use it to further their causes. But he also writes about some interesting things about which at least I haven’t thought about previously. One of them concerns that Jewish father of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud. Although nowadays his theories are quite thoroughly refuted there’s little doubt they were highly influential. To my knowledge Freud was undeniably a very smart man yet large parts of his publicly promoted ideas were utterly ridiculous. Do I smell something rotten when I think about that? Yes, and Duke cites some sources which indicate that Freud was actually consciously unleashing a “plague” onto Gentiles. He never had the intention to help non-Jewish whites,hewasjusttryingtounderminetheconservative foundationofWesterncivilizationthatsexualliberationwas
smartandGentile-despisingJewcouldthinkof somethinglikethatandmakeitso influential.

Duke also illuminates how prominent Jews have been in organized crime in America and elsewhere as well as how the JewMedia has managed to prevent this from entering the public knowledge. I would have to study the issue more but I suppose it makes some sense that Jews have managed to rise to the top even in the underworld and are more than little responsible for those missing eastern European/Russian girls tricked into sex slaveryinIsraelandelsewhere which is now contributing to the depopulation of old Soviet block countries. Jews havefleshy needs too and what’s even worse is that they are intelligent enough to fulfill them as that may well result in partial genocide of the Slavs.

Thenthere’stheRothschild case and how the original fortune was made using much deceit, the case of Israel and some Holocaust revisionism. I’m definitely somewhat sympathetic to such revisionism as I don’t think there would be much need for incarcerating critical inquirers, such as David Irving, if the official story could stand up to scrutiny. Critical inquirers are definitely the ones who are keeping the fire of the Enlightenment alive while those who incarcerate and vilify them are the real cancer cells of Europe. Sadly, those cancer cells have infiltrated so many parts of Europe I’m not sure how much of Europe can still be saved.

Much of what Duke writes seem at least decently researched but of course there are few parts which aren’t that watertight. I think one of the most obvious ones is the part in which Duke tries to show that Jews had to know about the 9/11 attacks in advance because according to Israeli media theresupposedly were 4000 Israelis reported missing right after the event in the affected “areas” but only “suprisingly” few were actually killed. Duke states that this was statistically impossible, but I hardly think he arrived to that conclusion ina sufficiently rigorous manner as to my knowledge he didn’t for example examine what those news sources meant by the fuzzy term “areas”.

Still, all things considered, the book is quite readable and Duke is hardly a raving lunatic that some of his opposers seem to think he is.

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