The multicultural left strikes again against civilization

France is once more reaping the “benefits” ofitsleftistandmulticulturalistpoliciesasParisor its outskirts areburningagain:

This time, the two teenagers, riding a mini-motorbike without wearing crash helmets, were killed in a collision with a police car. How this happened is unclear, and an inquiry has been opened. By nightfall, rioters were on the rampage. Over two nights of violence, they torched scores of cars and rubbish bins, a police station, a primary school, a library, local shops, a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant and municipal buildings. Some 130 policemen were wounded, several of them seriously.

Now that was a civilized response! Obviously,unlessSarkozystartsactingtough in reality and not just in his rhetoric,thesituationwillonlygetworsewiththedemographicsituation
thatrewardsMuslimbreedersattheexpenseof ethnicFrenchtaxpayers.

But madness is hardly limited to France as in Britainthose self-described
destructionofBritishcivilization at Oxford Union debate.TheIndependentgivesitstakeontheincidentbutitcontains
severalmisleadingitemsone ofwhichisincludedinthefollowing:

The principle that everyone is entitled to their say, however obnoxious their opinions might be, was put to the test at the Oxford Union last night as hundreds of protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of the two men from the extreme right whom the illustrious debating chamber had invited there to speak.

One of the guests, the BNP leader Nick Griffin, heads an organisation that wants to see millions of people deported from the UK because they do not regard them as truly British.

I’mhardlyanexpertonthe BNPbutI’mprettysurethatisnotthemain
Even if they weren’t truly British I’m sure more ethnic Brits would be more accommodating if those immigrants weren’t trying to impose Islamic law in Britain, abuse the welfare system and be outrageously criminal in general. They are not just non-British, they are anti-British. That’s the problem and that’s why many of them should be deported.

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