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Jews are few in numbers relative to other major groups but as pretty much everyone knows they are very prominent in the sciences and other intellectual circles. Maybe as much as half of all the books I’ve read recently were written by Jews. They tend to have high IQs. This means they also tend to have more potential than others to do both good and evil. There’s little question in my mind they have done a lot of both. Recently, I have been trying to assess whether on the whole they have done more good than harm. Obviously to me, there are manythat Iconsider good Jews such as Milton Friedman, Steven Pinker and Ayn Rand(nottomentionKlingandKaplanattheEconLog.. definitely nice guys) but so there are some seriously bad Jews like Karl Marxand Trotsky (and yes Lenin was probably a quarter Jew and that obviously Trotsky and Lenin were moredirectly responsible for real evil than Marx).

No doubt to assess their total goodness is a mighty task I cannot expect to do very accurately (though I could mention on average it is obvious to me that the average man of all races is only minimally more good than destructive or else progress would be much faster and I think it is harder to assess whether a particular group such as the Jews is better or worse than the average of all men). Still, to begin this task I’ve already started to read one of the most notorious of sources, namely David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism, in which he paints a picture that definitely contradicts much of what is promoted inMSMandhistorybooks.

So far I’ve read only the first 60 pages but I have already taken an interest in finding more on how responsible the Jews were for the rise of Bolshevism in Russia. Duke draws on old sources which report that over 300 of the original384 Communist commissars were of jewish heritage(manyhadchangedtheirnamestoappearmoreRussian) while only 13 were ethnic Russians. That in itself speaks a lot and seems to be at least somewhat true so far to my knowledge. Not to mention that Bolshevism was seriously wicked and was responsible for millions of corpses. Still, also obviously many Jews didn’t seem to like it much and left Russia in huge numbers around the time of the Russian Revolution (and yes, Ayn Rand was one of them). Anyway, to sum that period up it seems the Bolshevik Jews accomplished much more evil than the good Jews did good at that time. And later it seems Stalin had many of them killed but still other Jews remained devoted to Communism and spreading more evil to the world.

Dukeincludesmanyjuicydetailssuchthat”The Soviet propaganda minister during the war was a Jew, Ilya Ehrenburg, who notoriously distinguished himself by his
Second World War exhortations of Soviet troops to rape and murder
the women and children of Germany.”(in retaliation for the Holocaust I’d presume…though still kinda cruel… search for “Rape of Germany” on google)

And then he goes into some detail on how Jews have managed to hide their responsibility while at the same time demonizing Nazism. If it is true that the history books are written by the victors, Jews were the victors in the end it seems.

Now I hope I’m into more Talmudic secrets of the origins of Jewish supremacism (pretty wicked the bits I’ve read so far though I might again mention I find The Old Testament about as disgusting as well as the Koran.. thank goodness for some enlightenment values!). I don’t yet know if Duke goes into more detail how responsible Jews are for multiculturalism that keep the gentiles from uniting and the Jews more united but I hope for the best (divide and conquer the gentiles I guess in a way.. which seems to be working and not for the good of the world I gather). Maybe I’ll write more later sometime.

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