Going Turkey

I’m the firstone to admit that there are some serious problems in the Western world due to authoritarian political correctness (see for example the case ofthe former thinkertothinker blogger Mikko Ellila who’s now facing trial according to latests news due to things he wrote on the internet), but as I’ve been in Turkey for some time I can report Muslims are still a little ahead of the West. Here, website-banning is rampant. So far I’ve encountered about a hundred(western) sites which Turkey isshamelessly blocking. Many of the sites seem very innocent, last night for example I found that the blog of some physics PhD was blocked and it didn’t seem to contain any incriminating stuff unless scientific thinking is to be discouraged in Turkey (and of course it is if Islamists have their way!) when I used a proxy to access it (at least there’s an easy way to go around those bans for any internet savvy surfer).

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