Constitutional slaughter in the US

The author of “A Nation of Sheep“, Judge Napolitano, interviewed at Reason talking about the infamous Patriot Act in the US:

The Patriot Act’s two most principle constitutional errors are an assault on the Fourth Amendment, and on the First. It permits federal agents to write their own search warrants [under the name “national security letters”] with no judge having examined evidence and agreed that it’s likely that the person or thing the government wants to search will reveal evidence of a crime.
Not only that, but the Patriot Act makes it a felony for the recipient of a self-written search warrant to reveal it to anyone.

Now that’s truly rich. It must have taken an evil genius to make that lawful reality though as indicated by the following it ain’t like politicians were particularly careful when they approved it:

I was speaking in the Midwest—I don’t want to tell you where, somewhere in the great Heartland—two weeks ago and at the end of my speech, after I said many of these things I’m saying here and in my book, there was a congressman in the audience. He and I socialized a bit, and he said, “Judge, I’m a little ill at ease. I didn’t know until hearing you tonight that the Patriot Act permitted self-written search warrants and criminalized speech about receiving them, and I voted for it twice.”

And I said—knowing how he was going to answer—I asked, “Didn’t you read it? You voted on it.” No, he didn’t have time, he only read the summary. And he didn’t remember the summary talking about self-written search warrants and criminalized speech.

Ant that was several years after he voted for it. I suppose politicians have better things to do than to study how the laws they have approved work in reality. Again I have to ask, does any sane person really think that politicians know better than you how to spend your money?

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