Statistics vs. what women think and say

As I’m still in Turkey and I’ve read Turks are #3 in popularity in themarriage market of foreign men when the “buyers” are women from my mother country Finland, I have been thinking about what it tells aboutthose women. Finland is supposed to be one of the most sex equality-driven countries in the world, yet quite a few Finnish women are marrying Muslims,often Turks, who of course don’t in general think much of women’s rights or equality.

The women who are datingandmarrying Turks, quite typically say they are better than the average Finnishmales but when it comes to Turkish men in Finland statistics do imply that
those women’s perception of reality on average must be awfully inaccurateasindicatedbythefollowingtablewhichincludesthe
variousforeignersincludingTurksinFinlandin2005 (source in Finnish only – page 3):

Nationality #suspects #suspects living in Finland #in Finland #suspects/1000
Russia 8188 3902 24621 158
Sweden 2684 1385 8196 169
Somalia 1583 1511 4704 321
Iraq 1296 1198 3267 367
Turkey 1166 1042 2621 398
Iran 1019 958 2562 374

Thus, Turks are actually pretty much the very worst criminals in Finland. They are even worse than Somalis and Iranians which is quite an accomplishment (the Sweden’s “score” isquite high probably because of those new naturalized Swedes coming from MidEast). Moreover, it seems likely that since more of the Turks who have come to Finland are actually men “carefully”
selected by Finnish women (opposed to Iraqis and others who are more likely to be refugees instead of being brought to Finland by Finnish women), women who marry them are indeed on average totally clueless just as most “rednecks” in Finland tell them if their opinion is asked. Who’s stupid: Finnish women or those “racist” male Finnish rednecks? I say the data clearly indicates the women are more stupid.

At least women are not selecting for good character when it comes to Turkish males. I wonder if their looks are enough to compensate.

Update: I might add that a simple reason why Turks are absolutely worst(per 1000) in that table might be because they are more predominantly males than others but I have no statistics to tell if that’s the case. Still, it seems those women are basically marrying males which would have been the best choices in ancestral environment hundreds of thousands of years agowhenrapingandpillagingwas”theproperthingtodo”
ifyouwantedyourgenes tosurvive while Finnish males might be more evolved nowadays of course contrary to average women’s perception.Orthenagain,there’sapossibilitytheyhavesimplyrealized
thatin modern nanny states where criminals are hardly punished it pays to be with them. Still, if women were more moral, they would surely choose to work to change the society rather than to contribute to its downfall.

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2 thoughts on “Statistics vs. what women think and say

  1. Russ

    Well in finland we have these sayings; it’s a basic human right, and this is a human rights question. Also “women have human rights too”. A feminist said the last one. There exists a small but slowly growing segment of women, who make strange choices what it comes to partners. The more exotic and difficult the better. Or should i say the more it pisses finnish white heterosexual males off – the better. Some of these ladies are quite provoking, starting to act muslim and asking why society dont understand their special needs and so on..

    I know one article dealing with women preferring immigrants, it has a few interesting bits in it, but the whole site, i cant recommend. But there are some interesting bits nonetheless.

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  2. kuromaku

    I suppose that linked article makes some sense and definitely supports my hypothesis that giving women too much power (as much as they are given in Finland) is a self-destructive strategy and an abomination in a consequentialist sense:

    “In an environment where male influence is strong, females will conform to male expectations; but in a society where masculine influence is diminishing, race-mixing by females will become increasingly prevalent.”

    Fjordman has definitely written some interesting stuff on the topic. Basically, as long as only the western world is enlightened, an enlightened man in the western world has to keep western women under control or the whole world is lost to barbarian hordes many women would willingly embrace if given the opportunity.

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