I might have loved Ayn

Yeah, when I got myself thinking about love, I have to say Rand was a pretty cool person for a woman. And a capitalist too. Quite possibly a decent candidate for true love. It’s just a pity she’s dead. Hmm.. maybe someone like Carly Fiorina would also meet my ideals. I guess I do have to keep my eyes open in case a younger version of Carly passes me by.
On the other hand, while I was watching my favorite concert video, Sarah Brightman live in Las Vegas on her Harem tour in 2004 and all those cute harem dancers who accompanied her (a kind of a show that makes you truly celebrate capitalism!), I got myself thinking about polyamory as well. I of course do think it (and polygamy too) should be legal based on my libertarian principles and I do find it attractive. I also do consider it possible that polygamy could in good conditions be good for the gene pool since less worthy men who have little genetic virtue would be less likely to have children at all if it were a legal alternative. Thus, in the long run it would make the world a better place. But of course in practice the situation is very complicated and it’s not easy to say whether the consequences would be good or bad. And a as Judge Posner noted, the fact that it is currently practiced only in backward countries, might be evidence against that it has good consequences for societies that allow it. Still, I’d say a lot more evidence is needed to decide the matter. Even if it would not be good in current societies it might be good in culturally more advanced ones.

Umm, I guess if things end up progressing really well in my life, I might try it myself someday. After all even Dagny in Atlas Shrugged was totally into kinda loving more than one uber-industrialist at a time, so I guess its merits are worth considering very carefully indeed.

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