Rocking the White Conscience

So far along my intellectual journey I have had the pleasure of going through the material left by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Among them I count such luminaries as Revilo Oliver, William Pierce and John Tyndall as they were the sort of people whose minds could pierce through the lies that permeate our societies and who did not shy away from speaking the truth as they saw it and acting out in the real world in order to change it. However, it seems I have so far missed out big time because I haven’t read much of what George Lincoln Rockwell had put into writing.

Anyway, Counter Currents has some very illuminating excerpts from Rockwell’s autobiography This Time The World plus also several very good comments from its readers. It’s of course best to read it all (and probably the book too) to maybe gain some additional insight into the current situation and the reasons why even these great men failed to change the course of history with the human material they had to work with, but here’s something that will hopefully entice the reader:

… [in the mid-1950s], I had had plenty of opportunity to look over the activity of the ‘right-wing’ — the conservatives — and had come to the conclusion, in my total ignorance of the real nature of the case, that all they needed to succeed was an organizational drive to get them ‘together’, with a businesslike plan. I had found that there were dozens and maybe hundreds of very rich men, like H. L. Hunt of Texas and Robert Welch of Boston, who felt much as I did and who, together, could pool enough money and resources to swamp the Marxist-Zionist Jews and left-wingers. There seemed to be plenty of talent and ability, and an actual majority of our people over on my side of politics, so that common sense seemed to force the conclusion that it was only a lack of determined effort to put this together which permitted the left-wing minority, sparked by the sub-minority of Jews, to keep winning victory after victory and thereby send America down the path to Marxist socialism and racial disintegration.

But I reckoned without any knowledge of the human content of the ‘right-wing’. From the millionaires to the scared little people who attend the endless, pitiful ‘conservative’, ’100% American’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘constitutional’, ‘states’ rights’ meetings, I learned by bitter experience that the human material of the right-wing consists 90% of cowards, dopes, nuts, one-track minds, blabbermouths, boobs, incurable tightwads and — worst of all — hobbyists, people who have come to enjoy a perverted, masochistic pleasure in telling each other forever how we are all being raped by the “shhh — you know whos,” but who, under no condition, would risk their two cars, landscaped homes, or juicy jobs to DO something about it.

Rockwell certainly understood that the middle class values (and cowardice) are part of the problem…

In part 2 of that series on Counter Currents he also mentions one formerly unknown figure to me who influenced him greatly: DeWest Hooker.

…Hooker was a Nazi! He was not a ‘patriot” or a ‘right-winger’ or a ‘conservative’, but a fighting, tough, all-out-Nazi. He had gone into the streets of New York City and rounded up gangs of tough kids and potential juvenile delinquents, and converted them to fanatical loyalty to the United States, the White Race and Adolf Hitler. He called this gang of little hoods the Nationalist Youth League, and I was deeply impressed when I saw what leadership and guts will do to make decent, dedicated Americans out of little lost baby gangsters. Hooker had those kids worshiping him! He was an obvious aristocrat from a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, who wore a Homburg and a Chesterfield with supreme dignity, and he led those little New York gutter kids out of despondency to form picket lines against Jewish Communism, right in its filthy stronghold: New York City!

My first meeting with Hooker was on a Thanksgiving Day, when he was due at a family dinner, but we got so totally absorbed in our discussion that he kept his wife waiting hours, until she was very angry at him. As we talked, he told me one amazing thing after the other.

Wes explained the Jews to me more clearly than I had ever figured out before. He described, with dramatic gestures, how they operate like a snake with different skins, which they crawl out of or into as the strategic need may arise. When Jewish Communism begins to get too ‘hot’, as it has here in the U.S., because of the millions who saw the parade of Jew Communist spies, they slide out of that skin and become Zionists. And when this also gets too hot, then they molt and become ‘anti-communists’ or something else. In the excitement, nobody ever seems to notice that it is always the same snake.

Even more enlightening, he gave me a sparkling clear picture of the mess I had come to know on my own as the ‘movement’ — the cowards, the loud-mouths, the hobbyists, the ADL agents, the ‘prostitutes’ who make money out of it — the whole depressing lot of them.

Lots of stuff for the mind to chew on. Anyway, it’s also best to keep in mind that Rockwell was basically so good “they” had to murder him. As one commenter on Counter Currents noted, assassinations do work.

Good people have to learn the art of killing as well. The situation where only bad guys kill good guys is clearly becoming unbearable.

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