Why so little progress in pharmaceutical industry?

Interesting stuff on Newsweek:

During the time Andrew S. Grove spent at Intel, the computer chip company he co-founded, the number of transistors on a chip went from about 1,000 to almost 10 billion. Over that same period, the standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease went from L-dopa to . . . L-dopa.

Grove has some good ideas but I think he may be missing one major point.
I think theremightbea link between that lack of progress and
the fact that the percentage of women leading medical research studies has been rising quite significantly. Not only that
sinceat least to my perception, women areingeneral much more prominent in medical and pharmaceutical industriesandtheirregulation than they are in the semiconductor industry. And let’s not forget the data that indicates very few very smart people are female. Maybe thefundamental reason for lack of medical progress is that women, who don’t understand how costly regulations and precaution can be, are holding too much power in those industries relative to their cognitive capabilities. I at least consider that somewhat plausible. And let’s not forget how badly
the public education sector,dominatedbywomen, usually works. I think I see a pattern.

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