Looking forward

I’m still waiting for the Japanese women, who are eager to breed a new hybrid Master Race, to make contact with me and line up in front of my doorstep. Maybe they haven’t just yet realized how grave the situation is for the Japanese DNA structure. But surely the smarter ones will soon see through the blatant propaganda such as the claims that the nuclear reactions were automatically shut down in the aftermath of the initial quake while it’s almost blatantly obvious there would be no need for continuous cooling efforts of the cores if that would be the case. Heat doesn’t just build up around the reactor core if there is no more nuclear activity no matter how many fools tell you otherwise. Surely, only the drastic measure of mixing the Aryans of East (women) and West (well, at least me) will be enough to lead mankind forward now.

Anyway, in the meantime I might note that things are again getting interesting due to the Edgar Steele case in the US. After numerous delays the trial will apparently start on April 26. The defence team claims to have obtained testimonies from several audio experts that indicate the audio evidence against Mr. Steele has been fabricated by the Federal Government (or some other criminal organization). If the court will find that to be the case the implications could of course be enormous keeping in mind many other recordings of that kind which have been used to sway public opinion in recent years (like the Bin Laden tapes, the “impossible” 9/11 phone calls and the cockpit recording of the pilots of the plane whose crash killed over 90 Polish government figures last year).

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