Thinking positively: Japan’s nuclear meltdown may have a silver lining

Aside from the fact that the heightened earthquake activity in Asia may provide further evidence to the theories that imply the mainstream scientists who dismiss the heavenly influences on the tectonic plates (such as the electromagnetic and gravitational forces which vary due to the changing distance to the moon and solar flare activity) are wrong (see for example this thread started exactly one year before the 9.0 magnitude quake), there may be other possible benefits for the human race and me personally.

You see, for many years I have thought that if I ever were to engage myself in the act of miscegenation, I would do it with one Aryan of the East. Namely, I would do it with a Japanese woman. However, classy Japanese women can be hard to find and even harder for me to seduce. However, in this situation young women in Japan surely must be becoming concerned that their males may be damaged by those wicked radioactive particles which are spreading all over Japan. Therefore, it only makes sense that a prudent Japanese woman will have to consider looking for an undamaged set of male genes from abroad. And that’s of course the part where I enter the picture if I play my cards right as surely my market value has to be rising super fast at this very moment.

I guess I only need a geiger counter to ensure I won’t receive damaged goods myself when the Japanese woman comes my way.

Watashi wa nihongo no gakusei desu. Watashi wa nihon no onna no hito ga suki desu.

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