Human progress: the only way is through the jews

I think I mentioned it sometime that years ago I read a book titled “Nonzero”. Its Wikipedia entry starts with the following:

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny is a book by Robert Wright originally published in 2000. It argues that biological evolution and cultural evolution are shaped and directed first and foremost by “non-zero-sumness,” that is, the prospect of creating new interactions that are not zero-sum.

At the time of reading it, I was not yet jew-aware, so I did not grok back then that the one major reason the intelligent non-jews have disliked, even hated, the jews, from the very dawn of civilization, from the time of the Roman Empire and even before it, is that the jews, collectively, play a zero-sum, or even a negative-sum game for global domination using deceit and treachery. Like the Protocols said, the jews have an interest in the diminution of the goyim and like the it’s written in the Talmud they have a desire to kill the very best of gentiles to keep their competitors down.

When the jews win, almost everybody else loses. While intelligent whites tend to produce innovations that benefit the whole of humanity, jewish intellectuals seem to produce innovations that only help in misleading or enslaving the masses (though of course through propaganda the less intelligent gentiles tend to believe the hype about the benefits of jewish inventions).

The jews who invented and sold to the whole world the current money system that at its core allows the jewish bankers and their obedient lackeys to create money out of nothing at our expense were no doubt very clever but I’m pretty sure that as an invention a fraudulent money system is at best a zero-sum invention and in practice rather clearly a negative sum system.

The jews stand between us and real progress of ever better positive-sum interaction between the members of humanity.

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