Jewry takes down Nokia?

Yesterday I saw a symbolic image of Nokia’s marriage with M$ (with Steve Ballmer, a jew, acting as the happy hubbie who will soon fuck the bride). Nokia’s stock fell by about 14% in a day to commemorate the event. In short, in the markets Nokia is bending over while the Big Jew prepares to do the dirty deed.

Needless to say, lots of poor Finnish programmers will soon be out of employment while M$ will have the opportunity to hire and import ever more quality staff from India to continue on working on the mobile version of Windows which will from now on be running on almost all of Nokia phones.

Anyway, last fall I was half expecting that Nokia would choose a jewish CEO to highlight its total subservience to the JWO but so far I haven’t seen the evidence Mr. Elop is jewish (not that I have been looking for the evidence). He just works for them nonetheless.

I’ll be boycotting all mobile devices from Nokia, Google (android), and Apple at the very least.

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