The day’s mishmash

I was thinking about writing something about the weird shit happening in Switzerland. Mainly about Ognir’s (of claim that DBS of tried to murder him in a drunken state. But I’ll just note I dropped the link to that latter site for the time being.

Then I listened to Michael Collins Piper’s broadcast detailing his breakthrough research that suggests that Chistopher Bollyn (one of the first major 9/11 truthers and a self-declared relative of Anne Boleyn who became the Queen of England before she had her head lopped off) may well be from an old crypto-jewish lineage that infiltrated the English and Swedish aristocracies centuries ago.

Either Piper is on to something or he has managed to get on a whole new level in the game of discrediting Bollyn’s work (he even calls Anne Boleyn a whore who deserved her execution for her role in bringing England under jewish usury-control).

Maybe I get back to that later, but I also happened to read about the case of Bradley Birkenfeld who is an American banker who worked for UBS in Switzerland before he apparently got seriously greedy and decided to try whistleblowing.

According to this story “He told the US government that 19,000 American clients had about $19 billion dollars of assets at UBS.” and that he estimates that Americans have hidden maybe a $trillion overseas.

Now he’s in federal prison. What a surprise. Still, he’s hoping to get at least $60 million in compensation from the IRS.

He also complains that President Barack Obama is too personally close with UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf, playing golf with the financier at a time when Birkenfeld is pleading with the president for clemency.

A financier who couldn’t predict that’s how it works? A proof that money doesn’t cure ignorance.

There are of course other stories on the matter such as this one in Politico with more info:

Birkenfeld reported that during his time at UBS, thousands of U.S. clients opened accounts with UBS in Switzerland, but as he told the Senate investigative committee: “I didn’t see anyone declare any of those [Swiss] accounts in my entire career.”

I guess that would defeat the purpose.

Anyway, on the one hand I certainly understand that paying taxes to our enemy-controlled governments is not a good thing. On the other hand I’m almost certain that a very big percentage of those undeclared assets are owned by jews and other criminals and to get justice we need the information that the Swiss are safeguarding (along with the US government which I presume hasn’t made the information about those tax frauds public).

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