Still more on the Dr. Watson case

Steve Sailer is definitely one of the more informed and honest writers on the subject so let me point out his articleJamesD. Watson-AModernGalileo on VDare.

Sailer rightly compares the case with that of Larry Summers but notes that this one is even worse in some respect:

Watson probably wasn’t terribly surprised by the paroxysm of political correctness that has engulfed Britain. But he must have been shocked to be immediately suspended by his own ungrateful, cowardly Board of Trustees at the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which he has led for 39 years, first as director, then president, then chancellor, and which he built up into one of the world’s leading molecular biology research institutes. (In fact, the Ph.D. program at that Long Island institution is known as the Watson School of Biological Sciences!)

Then Sailer goes to some more detailaboutWatsonshowinghisintellectalsooutsideresearch and notes:

So suspending Watson from participation in the great achievement of the second half of his life was an especially cruel degradation of such a social man.

This may help explain why Watson wasn’t quite as explicitly courageous last week as he probably assumed he would be when he wrote this in his new book about the similar ritual denunciation of Summers in 2005:

“If I were still a member of the faculty [of Harvard], the number of tenured scientists standing visibly behind the president in this matter would have literally doubled.”

I found that last part quite hilarious though I suppose it’s more of an indication of a really grave situation in that supposed citadel of enlightenment if only Steven Pinker was knowledgeable and courageous enough to back Summers.

And finally when it comes to Watson’s recent remarks about him being gloomy about the future of Africabecauseouraidisbasedonincorrectassumptions, let me link to my older blog post about a strategy to really help black Africans and also enjoy a little while helping them – white men should help the African gene pool umm.. to evolve fast. I bet if I was writing with my own name and had a noteworthy positioninsomeorganization I would bepublicly burned at stake. Still, I stand behind my words at least anonymously for now.

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