Of false and hidden scientific knowledge

Looks like I’ve again been suffering from a bout of ADHD that too much online surfing has induced in me.

It’s hard to get anything done while I’m in this mode, but at least I stumbled on a rather fine introduction to the Relativity Theory scam by Raleigh Amesbury which was published in The General Science Journal. It’s only 37 pages long but it certainly seems to cover all the basics.

Einstein’s mostly plagiarized theory is of course a massive scam perpetrated on the world. Almost all of what is commonly known about cosmology has been corrupted because of it and other similar misdirections. I take it as another part of the proof our rulers are insane and are running our world towards insane ends. But there might also be some logic behind that scam as surely there must have been quite a few people who have known that the celebrated theory is wrong (and there certainly has been as even that introduction documents) and could potentially use more correct knowledge in advanced applications that may have been hidden from the masses. Massive numbers of potential competitors to the people in the know, let’s call those in the know the Illuminati, have also been wasting intellectual efforts on a theory that essentially “fucks your mind” with its paradoxes that are due to the theory’s illogicality.

What other true knowledge the Illuminati has hidden from us? Perhaps stuff that deals with electromagnetism that has more practical applications. I’ve certainly started giving more credence to the claim made by William Guy Carr that the Illuminati had a radio used for transatlantic communications long before Marconi officially invented it…

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