Birth error payout madness in the UK

Lots of things I could write about but since I’m pretty sure not many people will make the same remark that I do after reading this news item on how “the price paid by the NHS for deliveries going catastrophically wrong has risen 59 per cent to 259m” I’d better note I think such payouts are pure madness.

The size of the payout ” enough to hire 1,000 extra consultants ” reflects the enormous and growing burden of medical negligence on the health service, which is diverting scarce resources from patient care.

And why are the payouts so big? Because they reflect the cost of supporting possibly severely disabled human life for decades which could easily add up to something like 5M. But why do people in the first place keep them alive when that money could be used to have healthy children if only the severely disabled ones were allowed to die (or euthanized painlessly)? Of course the medical staff should be responsible if they
commit serious errors,
but they should not be responsible for the stupidity of parents or society if they don’t
allow euthanizing such disabled babies. Something like five million spent on caring for the disabled child quite likely cost lives somewhere else in one way or another and probably more than one life and I hate to say it but those lives may be more valuable than a life of a severely retarded kid.

Again, I think Christian values are partially responsible for this madness.

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