The Zionist Bitch who ate the bullet

Jim gets it in his post titled “Gabrielle Giffords needed killing”:

And so do most of congress, most of the regulators, and most of the businessmen in the revolving door between business and regulation.

All the conservative criticism of her seems to be disappearing off the web, but what the hell, she stank, critics pointed out she stank, so someone killed her. It might have been a leftist who did not think she was left enough, but chances are, was a conservative. Yes, chances are that unkind remarks by conservatives got her killed. Pity it was not someone who mattered more. Her platform was to create lots of high paying jobs in government and quasi governmental activities – in other words, to transfer wealth from productive people who mostly voted against her, to unproductive people who mostly voted for her, thus moving the nation generally leftwards.

As the nation plunges into bankruptcy, as the Cloward–Piven crisis approaches, we might kill enough similar wrongdoers to eventually get out of the crisis. I don’t really see any other path to resolving the crisis other than watering the tree of liberty in the usual fashion.

The Zionist congresswoman Giffords (she declared here that “I will always be a strong supporter of Israel) of course still lives after taking a direct hit to her brain according to latest news reports (I’m starting to take the reptile hypothesis more seriously if she recovers). But several others certainly died according to those reports including an apparent enemy of the people (judge Roll) and aide Zimmerman (another jewess I guess). Even the little kid (born on 9/11/01?) who died may have been jewish with a name like Greene. In short the alleged shooter could be a good guy even if possibly a little deranged:
Maybe a few patriots could bust him out of jail.

Update: Things just get stranger and stranger as now Mother Jones’s source claims that Loughner is actually a jew himself.

I’m not quite sure what to think except that now it seems possible at least three jews were incapacitated thanks to the shooting and that jews everywhere seem to be totally freaked out (a reason to celebrate perhaps). Of course all the ignorant sheep mourn the congresswoman but I know better than to do that.

Update 2: Christopher Jon Bjerkness also thinks he’s not just a jew but a believer in the Cabbala as well and that:

Loughner obviously has a poet’s nature and communicates in symbols and metaphors.

Based on the things I have read it certainly seems he might have put some serious thought into constructing trains of thought that resemble the output of a lunatic. Though of course I’d say that any true believer in jewish occultism must have some real lunacy in him even if his online productions were planned to produce that effect in the audience.

Update 3: Now the media has reported that Loughner posed in G-strings with a gun for the camera before the incident. I see two possibilities that might make some sense. First, as the letter ‘G’ has some meaning in the occult circles the images could be meant as another cryptic message for the like-minded Cabbalists. On the other hand the the whole thing could be a media fabrication planned to turn off any “normal men” who might have otherwise thought of following Loughner’s example of killing traitorous government officials.

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6 thoughts on “The Zionist Bitch who ate the bullet

  1. kuromaku Post author

    You just don’t seem to understand me as I have not rejoiced at all because of that. Maybe you’d better get literate like your tribesman advocated. I just perhaps felt some momentary relief when I considered the possibility that she wasn’t my white sister.

    Anyway, I’m seriously beginning to worry about the state of the Israeli education system if even a supposed MD can’t comprehend what he is reading.

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