Problem (dioxins in the food chain) – Reaction (outrage) – Solution (more control, higher food prices)

Spiegel Online has put together reactions on the most recent food scandal from the German newspapers and quotes Die Tageszeitung:

Now a rapeseed oil from the biofuels company Petrotec and had been processed by the small company Harles & Jentzsch has been found to contain dioxins. The fact that animal feed was processed using technical oil is just part of the scandal. The far more important question is this: How did a dioxin get into the production of biofuels? … It is entirely possible that this animal feed scandal could turn into a chemicals scandal.

SO also quotes Süddeutsche Zeitung:

It would make more sense to strictly control the quality of the ingredients at every stage of production. That may make production more expensive but the authorities have to ensure that food is healthy. Closing more than 1,000 farms, as is happening now, is also not cheap. Strict controls are also necessary to dispel the impression that has now arisen: that it is only by pure chance that a scandal is discovered.

My take: It seems we may have the latest case of a manufactured food crisis to serve the elite agenda as somehow I doubt the original cause of the contamination was accidental. My first questions would be: who owns Petrotec and Harles & Jentzsch. Any chance the owners are jews?

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