The Sun prevails again!

Kuromaku wishes you all (except the most vicious Talmudic readers) merry Yule-tide!

Anyway, it occurred to me that in a way I agree with many jews who don’t like to use the word ‘Christmas‘ though not for the same reasons as I don’t hate the mythical figure known as Jesus Christ with passion like they do. I just think it would be better to go back to our ancient pagan traditions which formed around celebrating the fact that around December 24 days are once again growing longer after the darkest days of the year (which tends to ease the depression those dark days would otherwise easily provoke).

For my international readers, it might also be noteworthy to point out that in Nordic countries the common names for Yule have no reference to Christ: Joulu (in Finnish), Jul (in Swedish and Norwegian) and Jõul (in Estonian). In a new era the same will hopefully be true in the Anglo-Saxon world. Let them celebrate Yule-tide, the victory of light over darkness, not some hoax birth of a Savior!

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10 thoughts on “The Sun prevails again!

  1. Adam

    Happy winter solstice to you too.
    I don’t mean to spoil the jovial holiday spirit, but I must confess I am extremely disappointed in you.
    You have not responded to either of my comments on previous pages:
    1.That you are anti-semitic because you are partially Jewish, and self-hating.
    2.That you should read some Talmud to uncover its secrets.

    Since you spend so much time and mental effort antagonizing Judaism I thought you would welcome the opportunity to interact in a meaningful dialogue with a “hidden power” (myself).

    As always I wish you nothing but the warmest regards, success, and well-being.

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  2. kuromaku Post author

    Alright, here’s a brief reply to your previous comment reposted right here:

    I see you are trying to crawl under my skin. You’d better try a little harder. Though I’m betting you have a nice little desk-job at ADL’s department of disinformation. No doubt you thus have the moral high-ground according to the Talmudic worldview. So how much do they pay you? Or has Abe Foxman introduced a system that pays you by each lie you manage to introduce into these internet discussions? How many shekels by each distortion of truth do you get?

    And sure, I’ll read the Talmud as soon as I have time. Though maybe you’d like to share your favorite parts just to entice me… such as this: “…love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

    I see you do have the last part covered for sure.

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  3. Adam

    While I appreciate you gave me a serious reply I find the “I don’t have time to read the Talmud” answer bizarre.
    It’s not the time that you are lacking, in fact you seem to have too much since you devote such a large portion of it to slandering Jews.
    What you are truly lacking is the interest, discipline, and probably the mental capacity to study thousands of pages of Rabbinical discourse.
    So, honestly- you will never read the Talmud, never disprove Einstein, never do a lot of things.
    What I do recommend for you is to start with Eight chapters to the Rambam (Shemona perakim laRambam).
    Its short, readable, and interesting.
    But again this is only if you aren’t too busy surfing web pages written by scholars like yourself full of amazing conspiracy facts, and wish to do the unthinkable- read what the Jews are actually saying.

    If you do happen to find the courage to open this book, I will be extremely interested in hearing what you think about it.

    And of course, I wish you to find a place to call home, a girlfriend, steady income, and better reading material.

    p.s. Abe Foxman doesn’t exist he is just a bogeyman we invented to scare silly goys. Naturally we are not payed is shekels, we recieve lucrative trading contracts (I got the monopoly on potato trade in Tanzania just for writing this reply):)

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  4. Adam

    By the way:
    Canaan was so wicked that his last will and testament to his children was: “Love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth” (Pes. 113b).

    Canaan is given as an archetypal villain, and antagonist.
    The moral is to avoid such behavior.

    Life is so easy when you have “…” and so little knowledge.

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  5. kuromaku Post author

    So you don’t buy the thesis of Eustace Mullins that you, modern “jews”, are indeed the cursed children of Canaan? You certainly seem to love bending the truth just like he ordered his children to do in his last will…

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  6. Adam

    That’s a silly argument.
    Say you are a Jordanian (descendant of Edom) who converts to Judaism and follows the Talmud, you are obliged by your religion to disregard the traditions of Edom and follow the law of Israel (such as the ten commandments).
    Even if we assume for the sake of the argument that Jews are descendants of Cnaanan (which I think is a fictional character) its insignificant, all Jews regard Cnaanan as an historical enemy. If you ever so much as opened an old testament you can see how the Israelites opposed the Cnaanites.

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  7. kuromaku Post author

    I’d probably consider it silly if you jews weren’t running the porn-industry and would not promote gay lifestyle + wife-swapping and such. Not to mention run such fine organizations as NAMBLA. In effect it seems your tribesmen “love lewdness”.

    Also, if I was a thoroughly wicked man myself and wanted to teach my followers to act in ways that could easily get me thrown into jail or worse I certainly might consider writing my teachings in a way that mixed acceptable views on one hand and my real views as from coming from my antagonists but of course gently guiding my followers into actually following the antagonist and not my acceptable faux teachings.

    Maybe you just haven’t been smart enough to get the real message.

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  8. Adam

    You are way off track. What is considered today as acceptable views are for a large part a result of Jewish ethical teaching taught three thousand years ago. At that time most gentiles (such as the Hellenistic and Persian cultures) embraced homosexuality and Jewish teaching stood in contrast to their social norms. As did Jewish laws forbidding looting of enemies, compulsatory emancipation of slaves, monotheism, and so on..
    Jews today who embrace a homosexual life-style are clearly secular and definitely do not follow any Talmudic teaching.
    Again I want to impress upon you that making assumptions about a historical writing compromising thousands of years of Rabbinical discourse of which you are a completely ignorant, since you have not read a single page, is a sure recipe for some very wrong conclusions.
    Why is it so difficult for you to accept that Jews, like all other people, can disagree and are not working as a single-minded entity? Some Jews are secular, some are religious, some liberal, some conservative, some good some not so good.
    What is the attraction in conspiracy thinking?

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  9. kuromaku Post author

    Damn you, Adam, as you just won’t admit that my superior gentile brain has managed to crack the Talmud without ever reading more than a few paragraphs of it at a time. You just don’t give me the brainglory I deserve! Damn you!!!

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  10. Adam

    Hey man,
    If there is one thing I learned in seven years of medical school its that knowledge has a price. That price is studying. And when you are dealing with history or philosophy its better to study primary sources. I don’t think you are stupid just extremely mis-informed. I think that if you’d take some time and patience and read any primary source of Jewish teaching you’ll at least make better arguments.

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