The jewish bond that failed the gentiles

It’s again that time of year we can expect the repeat of something akin to an Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians. You know white phosphorus burning women and children to show the world how much they hate Christmas and peace loving gentiles. Of course they already bombed Gaza a few days ago but somehow I doubt it was enough to sate their bloodlust…

Anyway, it’s also a good time to remember the Madoff Scandal since it appears that the (apparently jewish) Picower Estate will return more than $7 BILLION of illicit profits made off from the Big Ponzi Scheme. John Graham at The Occidental Observer has written about the case:

In our essay “Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?,” Kevin MacDonald and I asserted

  • The Madoff affair was an immense transfer of wealth to Jews from non-Jews (often European).
  • The SEC was amply informed of the fraudulent nature of the operation, but was afraid to act for fear of the Jewish Establishment.
  • Several Jewish families besides the Madoffs were tremendous winners from the fraud, but that their complicity would never be appropriately exposed.

This last point is now proving true.

Jeffrey Picower himself was, according to news reports, found dead in his pool over a year ago, so I gather he was actually murdered. Since we are talking about a gigantic sum of money (enough to pay 350 000 wage slaves for a year at 20k a piece) it’s conceivable he was in a way sacrificed to allow even more deceit in the aftermath that is now unfolding (you know, if you deal with demons expect to pay sooner or later). I wonder when we will see a list of people who receive all the money from the Picower Estate… and how much goes to gentiles rather than jews. No surprises if the real victims will remain uncompensated.

A detail of some interest: Forbes had listed Picower’s net worth at mere one billion in 2009. Somehow though the jews always seem to have more money… again no wonder we don’t see Rothschilds’ at the top of that list.

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