A whiter shade of awakening

For four years zero snow around me, now snow all over the place.

I didn’t sign up for this when I made the decision to come back to Europe. Or maybe I did.

I just need to remind myself that I may have been away for a few years, but I have been here for ten thousand years as a White Man. Many others here can’t say the same. And there will come a time many, if not all of them, will have to go. Either willingly or not.

Especially the ones who have have brought to us the mental disease that has nearly incapacitated us.

I’m of course talking about the “chosen ones”.

Anyway, for an American perspective I recommend this recent blog post by the amazing Christopher Jon Bjerkness titled “If you cross this line we fight! Or do we?” that deals with the same issue.

I see Mr. Bjerkness has also his doubts about Ron Paul (the same man who named his now-rather-famous son after the jewess Ayn Rand):

Back in May of 2007, I revealed the fact that Ron Paul is slated to be the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century and will give the bankers exactly what they want, while pretending to be opposed to the bankers. I disclosed the fact that Ron Paul is controlled opposition to the bankers. My predictions have come true, as Paul will chair the monetary policy subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve. Is anyone so naive as to believe that Paul would be given this task if he were not an agent of the bankers?

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