The Flynn effect counters the reality of dysgenics?

Steve Sailer has written a review of Flynn’s own book on the Flynn effect available at VDare. Originally it seems Flynn thought that the effect indicates that IQ tests don’t measure anything of real value but now he has come to another conclusion (about the time as correlational studies have produced ample evidence that IQ matters in real life).

I agree that the more demanding and stimulating environment made possible by new technologies is probably the most important factor behind the effect’s reality (it’s hard to deny that thanks to my computer and the internet I can live in an intellectually stimulating environment even if I’m surrounded by mostly uneducated muslims in Turkey right now) though of course better nutrition and health care may be quite important too. Still, as I’ve previously written, I do suspect that the modern welfare states are contributing to the deterioration of the gene pool by helping genes that promote bad qualities like irresponsibilityandstupidity to become more frequent. Someone could think that if the Flynn effect is real, as seems to be the case, that can’t be happening, but of course I don’t think so.Infact,itcouldveryeasilyjustbehidingthegenetic deterioration.Iatleastthinkthere’sasignificantchancethatwithout
redistributioneven the”gfactor”,whichdoesn’tseemtohaverisenthatmuch,
couldbehigherthese days,asIthinkinthemorejustworldintelligent
abiggeradvantage and produced more children.

And even if it turned out that isn’t quite true, government coercion might still make the gene pool worse by more often than not benefiting people whoareintelligentand wicked enoughtoabusethesystem and thus multiplying what I call “evil genes” faster than “good genes”. For example, Stefan Molyneux has written here how public policy is forcing money into stock markets and thus making certain people, like those who work in finance, richer than they would be in a free market (at least without considering possible free market benefits in wealth creation) in addition to contributing to market turmoil. The net effect of this could very well be that certain rich parasites can well afford to have more mistresses and children than those who are more or less forced to give money to them (and honestly based on what I’ve seen many rich people don’t seem to be that good peopleortohaveproducedsomerealvalue which in practice indicates they are often rich because of coercion or deceit of some sort). That would mean dysgenics even if intelligence in itself would not be selected against on average.

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