How to spot a fake enemy of the state

Of course everyone who follows what’s on MSM knows all about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. That should be enough to raise some doubts about whether Wikileaks is spreading material the hidden hand doesn’t want you to know as their control over the media tends to mean actual and serious leaks would be hushed up. Still, for a time I have given Wikileaks some benefit of doubt.

But I have to say I’m running out of doubt as I was reminded of two cases of what happens to actual enemies of state: the Edgar Steele case and the case of Muad’Dib. Both men have received close to zero MSM attention as far as I know and yet they have been attacked much more brutally by governmental forces. Muad’Dib could be facing life in prison for sending his 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary DVDs to a courthouse (pending immediate extradition from Ireland to the United Kingdom) while the white rights advocate Mr. Steele is doing prison time on blatantly obviously faked charges by the Federal Government.

Contrast those cases with all the lucky minor mistakes that have kept Mr. Assange free and in the spotlight. Also, Muad’Dib’s documentary in itself probably contains more damning evidence against our rulers than all the recent wikileaks.

Anyway, reading about those cases also kinda makes me think at least 66% of all the lawyers and judges should be facing prison time themselves as this sort of perversion of justice could not possibly happen if the good guys among them were not outnumbered by the bad.

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