My experience of how far Muslims go in abusing the system

Recent events have made me wonder how common it really is that Muslims in Europe abuse the system. As I haven’t been in much contact with the system myself much of my knowledge is based on second hand knowledge which can always be less than trustworthy. Still, when
I was in Finland I served for a short while as a Lay Judge. In one
case where the defendants were Somalis at least one of them had requested a translator
and one really slick looking Somali had been called for into the court room. However, when
the time came to speak with the defendant the judge had the sense to ask directly from the defendant
questions in Finnish. It turned out he could speak almost perfect Finnish as he had actually lived most of his young life in Finland.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to this detail, I did not wonder why he had requested a translator, but obviously there seems to be only one explanation which makes sense. The translator is compensated quite well in courtesy to Finnish taxpayers and it seems the Somalis were perfectly willing to abuse the system to get that money injected into their community. Little personal experience like that surely makes much of what I’ve read more credible. They had not only done some sick crimes, they also abused the system as much as possible. And even in the courtroom this oneotherwisequiteamiableseeming Somali lost his temper big time over absolutely nothing which was really stupid as it clearly betrayed he could probably do much worse if allowed to remain free. He (or some other Somali) was smart enough to abuse the system designedby naive Finnish people, but not smart (or controlled) enough to remain calm in the courtroom in order to fool people like me.

I wonder if the Finnish taxpayers are still paying for translators without thinking.

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