Who am I? What’s my problem?

Recently I saw an old picture of myself and I was struck by something I had forgotten: I used to be a rather formidable looking, albeit very small, Blond Beast, before the genes for brown hair had kicked in as happens rather commonly among Northern Europeans. Now of course I can’t say my looks attest to Nordic purity of Aryan ideals but still, as I now understand better than a while ago, within me some Aryan genes must live on even if they have hidden themselves.

But perhaps more importantly, I’m not just a Former Blond Beast, I am a person who seeks not just easy living but truth, justice and transcendence — both spiritual and physical.

I am no prole as I have a rather high future preference. I know proles can be decent people in many ways and I can enjoy the company of a prole for a while but there’s no denying that I think that any prolonged exposure to the proles tends to drive any sane thinking person to the brink of desperation as they almost exclusively concern themselves with what I consider to be trivial matters while ignoring almost everything I consider profound. And I don’t quite belong to the middle classes as I wouldn’t even think about choosing a certain career for the sole reason that it would bring me economic benefits*. Nor do I care about material status symbols that the middle classes strive to obtain. And of course I don’t belong to any actual existing elite class. Having said this, I understand that most people would not care much about the things I have written on this blog.

Some of my racial enemies, some ignorant jews to be specific, have come here and read a few of my posts and thought I’m some sort of a foolish Christian. Just to be clear, I’m not, I’m anti-Christ, or better yet I’m the anti-Titus. Thanks to the work of Jesuit educated Joseph Atwill I think I have found the truth about the matter I previously thought would remain unknowable — who created Christianity and what the son of man really talked about. And I can conclude ChristInsanity was created as a means to control the thoughtless masses. It was created by jews under some Roman supervision (hence the few rather accurate descriptions of jews in that time in the New Testament). And of course it was no accident that a religion that contrary to common belief had the support of the greatest empire of the time would come to dominate a large part of the planet.

Anyway, I was re-reading some of the last chapters of Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope a while ago concerning the rise of middle class people in professions like science where they don’t quite belong as they put their careers before truth and I think I came to a minor revelation. You see, as I have documented before, I have come to the conclusion that there’s a massive amount of fraud going on and not a little of it is going on in academia. The final straw for me was the realization that Einstein’s theory of relativity has been a deliberate fraud and the scientific establishment has not been able to get over it for a hundred years. How could such a thing be possible in academia where theories are supposedly constantly put under pressure? And the answer seems to be that the academia has come to be dominated by people subscribing to the middle class values (I could also add psychos) just as Dr. Quigley noted was happening.

“Houston, we have a problem with the middle class” They keep humanity away from its true potential along with the hidden hand who set the agenda the middle classes are happy to follow if it helps their careers.

I know many middle class people are smarter and more talented than I am but I think there’s no way all these monstrous frauds and such (moon landing hoax, holohoax, man-made global warming hoax etc.) would be going on if people like me were more common among modern scientists.

*Especially in a society where the benefits seem to be the greatest for all sorts of entertainers and such who keep the common people deluded and ignorant

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2 thoughts on “Who am I? What’s my problem?

  1. Adam

    “Black curtain of hidden powers”
    I have always been intrigued by the anti-semite.
    What is it that drives your obsession?
    Most of your stuff is regurgitated nonsense, you read something and you post it..
    But I did like this post where you described yourself.
    Talking honestly about your feeling of estrangement, not fitting in with any class of society. The love/hate relationship you feel towards the middle class. Your lack of a higher education coupled to the absurd (though amusing) notion that you have “disproved Einstein”.
    Your brown hair and un-aryian look, for which you feel ashamed. Your unemployment.
    Your immigration from Europe to America and back.
    So, what is it that makes you hate me?
    Is it jealousy as you have achieved so little in a conventional sense? Perhaps compared to some Jewish person you know?
    Is it a way to feel connected to a majority as an immigrant in America?
    Is it a Nazi grandparent in the Finish army?
    Is it religious, your pastor or priest?
    Or maybe, just maybe you have some Jewish blood somewhere behind that brown hair? A little self-hate, something whispered in the family? Something you feel ashamed of? Are you over-compensating “black haired curtain of disguise”? Are you trying to bias your way to the Aryan fold?

    I am truely interested in knowing.
    I wish you nothing but the best. I sincerely hope you find a sense of who you are and what you are about in this world.
    Because honestly this blog is more of a reflection of a tormented soul then a tormented world.

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  2. kuromaku Post author


    I see you are trying to crawl under my skin. You’d better try a little harder. Though I’m betting you have a nice little desk-job at ADL’s department of disinformation. No doubt you thus have the moral high-ground according to the Talmudic worldview. So how much do they pay you? Or has Abe Foxman introduced a system that pays you by each lie you manage to introduce into these internet discussions? How many shekels by each distortion of truth do you get?

    And sure, I’ll read the Talmud as soon as I have time. Though maybe you’d like to share your favorite parts just to entice me… such as this: “…love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

    I see you do have the last part covered for sure.

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