Grim November, Bloody December?

So far it seems the Irish debacle won’t be quite enough to trigger the crash I’ve been anticipating though you never know. In any case it certainly serves as a reminder that things are really going downhill for certain after years of wasteful spending and misallocation of resources even if an outright crash won’t happen in the near future.

I have tried to remain sufficiently grim throughout the episode but the mainstream media I have been following haven’t made that as easy as it should be with rather hilarious reporting of such comments as the one by the Irish financial minister that indicate that Ireland may allow itself to be given emergency relief (of course with some strings attached that will give even more power to the financial elite) or the one of the Finnish prime bitch minister who said the country has to help Ireland to save the jobs in Finland.

They really think the public is stupid enough to buy BS like that (though no doubt the bankers would try their best to punish countries that wouldn’t willingly serve their agenda).

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