Vikings smelling the blood of banksters?

If you think about it, a lot of problems could probably be solved by a bunch of dedicated vikings using their natural talents at chopping off heads with oversized axes. They just have to have the right problem to work on. And it looks like in Iceland things just may be moving in the right direction after ten Icelanders have apparently studied books like The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (by the late Eustace Mullins) and made a website that promotes Icelandic Financial Reform in a way that looks mostly sound. Good stuff!

To get started they have outlined ten areas that should be changed for the benefit of the general public rather than the few bankers. Number 10 reads as follows:

10. Restraint, transparency and education

It is crucial that the public keep elected officials busy doing the right thing, so to speak. That is vital when it comes to keeping corruption and the damage it can do, to a minimum. The key weapon in that war is education and transparency. Over all, the common Icelander probably lacks financial knowledge. Only a few are capable of making important decisions for the future, regarding changes in the financial system.

It appears that the present system was not designed on the grounds of public safety. A new and reformed financial system must be based on public interests, and not on special interests.

So far, financial education over all is not a priority for young people, under the age of 18. We need to change that. When people gain financial freedom at the age of 18 and with the obligations that follow, they should already have received a fundamental education on finance in the school system.

In our opinion, a solid and stable financial system can guarantee the nation’s financial security, along with job security and food security. Voters should keep that in mind on election day. The public should do much better when it comes to setting the record straight regarding elected officials and demand all information they require.

There’s no question things might be a little different if the public schools taught pupils the truth about how the bankers can create money out of nothing as they borrow money and so on.

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