Foolish white women – weak in body and mind

I’m a big fan of reading news onAmerican Renaissance. This time another black man infected by HIV has succeeded in infecting very foolish women in Poland:

Simon Mol’s personality is described similarly by all who spoke with us: “very intelligent, warm, heartfelt. He perfectly mastered body language. This worked on women. He would talk to them while looking into their eyes, taking them by the hand,” says director Mariusz Orski, who cooperated with Mol’s theater.

“We don’t know what’s in Simon’s head. Cultural differences are that important,” says one Warsaw Professor, enigmatically. Many from the academic community are beginning to formulate wild hypotheses. They speak about these ideas only when assured anonymity. They say that amongst many Africans, there is a notion that AIDs can be cured by “giving it to someone else,” that is by sexual contact with a different person.

The most dramatic aspect of all of this are stories about Mol forcing women to have unprotected sex with them by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears; that it is politically incorrect. This is coupled with the fact that for many women, having unprotected sex with a black man fulfilled two politically correct obligations: it was trendy to have sex with a black man, and it was also a sign that one was not prejudiced against blacks.

And it seems no woman had the sense to refuse. Of course, that “lovely” Cameronian refugee, might well have raped them anyway, but at least then if the woman had any sense of responsibility she might have reported the incident to the police and possibly managed to stop him from infecting more women. Not a single one seemed to have done that. Again, I think thisclearly indicates how very weak characters so many women have under their surfaces though of course these ones were already selected to be the fools among women as they were willingly in bed with that black man.

Similar things happen pretty much all the time in many tourist resorts around where I am right now from what I’ve been reading so again this is not that rare behaviour among women. Women like them do earn their Darwin Awards like one person commented on AR. The main thing is that they should be denied public health care. Others should not be forced to pay for their weakness and stupidity. That wouldatleast ensure that the gene pool would be getting better if others had the right to prosperandbreedhealthychildren without having to pay for expensive HIV medication for those suckers like happens in our evil societies right now.

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