In a white man’s land once again

I must be doing something wrong, or right, as neither did I end up in a jail cell nor mental asylum even as I made my way back to Zionist occupied Europe. I was of course a little tempted to make my way straight to the Northwest Homeland but perhaps it is better to make more preparations elsewhere before I’m ready to do what must be done. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if I managed to cultivate within me a source of energy and determination that would enable me to prevail against the odds. Fortunately at least my health has been improving for once after several setbacks in the last few years.

It’s just a pity my previous laptop broke down a long time ago so I was not able to keep up with current events as I travelled through Europe. Well, I’ll try to resume more regular blogging in any case though it’s quite possible I have to devote more time to earning my living in the Eurozone once again.

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