Seduction wars

Oh well, I’m back in Turkey. And I’ve recently realized this place is actually one of the more popular destinations for female sex tourism. What’s worrying is that the women who come here for sex are not just older womenlikeinsomeotherplaces butoften really young too. The problem isn’t of course that women are after sex but that they are after sex with Muslims. Indeed, when I go to a local nightclub, there’s basically usually lots of Turkish men who outnumber mostly European tourist girls and other non-Turkish men whose numbers are the smallest (what’s missing is naturally Muslim girls who are back home while their boyfriends and hubbies are after European meat).

Needless to say, when I see a blonde European girl making out with some Turkish playboy my blood starts to boil (and when I hear about Turks raping young Europeangirls that hardly makes me feel any better).

Clearly, this situation calls for action: every girl who I can save from being ravished by some Turkish cheater is a small victory for the forces of good (even better if I can save the girl by having her instead in my bed). But then thereare some problems. First, most of the girls who come here are totally clueless about the clash of the civilizations that is happening between the Muslim world and Europe.Theyjustthinkit’scooltohavesexwithoftendarkand
hairyTurkishentertainment monkeys without thinking about any probable consequences (like Turks deciding to skip using the condom as they wage jihad by infecting foolishinfidel girls.. I guess I have to be extra careful with the girls I meet here).Second,myownseductionskillarebasicallyonlygoodforpicking
ifIhaveenoughmoneyinmypocket,buthardly good enough for much more than that.

Thankfully though, as anoted brainiac, I’ve discovered this thing called speed seduction based on neurolinguistic programming which reportedly has turned many geeks into succesful womanizers. I’ve already read about various strategies that make women want me if properly applied (patterns, anchoring and things like that*). Now I only need lots of practical training. Hopefully, I have some positive things to report before the end of this summer. Also, though obviously I should avoid using lame pickup lines I’ve already made one for myself: “Hey girls, you two look so cutetogether I think I’m gonna have to go all Muslim and marry you both or at least take you to my place right now!” (a winner, eh?)

*To be honest I think it’s really saddening that women actuallycan fall for that kind ofemptyemotional shit, but after knowing that so many womenalso fall horoscopes and religions, it’sreallynotthatsurprisingtheyalsofallforseduction crap (also, I can hardly avoid noticing that many young girls fall for the very worst cheaters so clearly they are not that smart).

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