On Chomsky and propaganda

While the UK has failed to burn thanks to those Muslim doctors, because apparently at least one of them spentwaytoomuch time reading Islamic texts instead of reading how to make proper bombs (lovely to see taxpayer money spent on importing Muslim doctors instead of supporting natives, eh?), I have also possibly been wasting my time as I’verecently read Chomsky’s older productions. Well, maybe not as they are at least somewhat interesting, although I too should probably have higher priorities if I’m trying to accomplish what I’m planning to. Still, as I’ve done what I’ve done, I might at least write a little bit about Chomsky.

Atfirst, let me note that I hardly agree with Chomsky’sleftist ethics as he seems to thinkthat “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” kind of thinking is good among other things. Also, his economic insight hardly seems that keen as in the beginning of the 90’s he thoughtthesuccessof Western European andJapaneseeconomies(lessfreethantheUSone)hadprovenstate-controlofeconomyisgood.OfcoursemanypeoplethoughtJapanwould
and stagnation followed but still they were obviously wrong and thefreer American economy marched forward soon afterwards leaving them further behind.

Still, leaving aside things like that, I can agree with much of what Chomsky has written in for example his book “Deterring Democracy” in which he makes his case against American foreign policy. Chomsky thinks exactly like me about for example the “War on Drugs” (totally unjustified and probably very much a scam). And he does paint a quite convincing picture about all the things that are wrong with American interventionist foreign policy(whichsupposedlypromotesDemocracy abroad but of course in reality usually only when it promotes US interests – not a sin in itself but lying to your people probably is) and how the propaganda machine workstosupportit (and it works so well! even classic things like “after enough repeating the lie becomes the truth” are quite true from what I’ve seen and quite hard to avoid succumbing to if I’m not very careful). Even the fact that so many people have such a violent knee-jerk reaction against Chomsky indicates in itself that propaganda works and it is easy to seeafterreadingChomsky why some people in power want that to be the prevailing reaction sothat as few people as possible read about what he has been writing and possibly start thinking more about things for themselves.

Hopefully, I’ll write more on this subject sometime after thinking about it more.

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