Pressure rising

Only a week to go before we see if the Israhellists are crazy enough to attack Iran in order to stop their plan to begin operations at their new nuclear reactor. They might be. And if they are, I’d dare say every Israeli everywhere should be a legal target for elimination as a quick death is the only proper punishment for risking the initiation of the Third World War which could easily cause billions of casualties.

Anyway, back in Finland, international jewish lobby groups have finally forced the Finnish National Board of Education to add strict guidelines for Holohoax indoctrination into the national curriculum (as Finnish newspapers reported today). Not that there hasn’t been such indoctrination before as I myself certainly remember seeing one of those black-and-white Holohoax documentaries in a darkened classroom around the time I was about 13-15 years old and the textbooks had more than little material on the subject as well. Nowadays I just know enough to suspect that those skinny corpses in the documentary might as well have been starved germans (possibly also gypsies etc.) rather than “chosen people”.

I wonder what was the exact thing that forced the board members to make their decision to add those guidelines outside the normal timetable. A simple transfer of money to some off-shore account? Or maybe the evil-ones have recently obtained damning photos of some of the board members engaged in some illegal activities with “little-ones”. That would certainly fit their modus operandi. If Finland had any honest investigative reporters maybe we someday would know.

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