Women and criminal males

Now this story aboutawomanmarryingadeathrowprisonerillustratesjusthow

Tracy told WRAL TV in North Carolina Morgan’s crime was no longer a concern to her once she found out all the details.

Yes, I bet the murderer told everything very honestly to her girlfriend (the supreme court file definitely doesn’t paint him as a particularly deserving guy). It’s also telling that the woman appears to be a Christian. Once you believe shit like that you can believe anything. And I do guess that Christian beliefs regarding that such things as forgiveness are good (hardly not the case in general in my opinion as it tends to reward evil behavior) play a part in this kind of craziness which in real world benefits unjustly evil criminals and does little if any good.

Anyway, thanks to women like that one, criminalmales are breeding faster than law-abiding males.Justhowcananywomanwithanactualfunctioningbrainthinkthat
Don’ttheyever thinkabout whattheiractionscause in the longer run?Aretheirbrainssimplyincapableofunderstandingsimplefacts
aboutgenetics without succumbing to politally correct bullshit that downplays genetic factors?

In any case,forevery sick male criminal there seems to be at least one crazy woman (quite often more than one.. like all those women who were crazy about young Stalin… and don’t let me get started with that woman who just wanted to make sure Ted Bundy’s genes would continue to enrich humanity). Again, this indicates that women can hardly be considered more ethical than meneventhoughtheymaydoless(at least violent) crimesthemselves, since by having children with sickos instead of good guys they are very responsible for more sick crimes in the future when their children start making them. In this day and age, ignorance of the fact that personality traits which lead to criminal behaviour are very heritable, should be no excuse for their behaviour.

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