I have been electrified

Having acquired some degree of confidence in the falsity of Einstein’s theory of relativity, I quite naturally ended up doing some searching for alternative theories which would explain the observed phenomena in the visible universe. And much to my pleasure, there is indeed at least one which seems rather appealing to my sensibilities: there is a theory that postulates it is not gravity that is the predominant force on galactic scale, instead it postulates that electrical forces are what really animate the interstellar space (also gravity itself might be just one rather weak manifestation of electrical phenomena). Even our very Sun might be more like a giant ball of lightning rather than an orb of matter experiencing continuous nuclear fusion at its center.

Sounds rather wild at first hearing, but if I had to trust my intuition, I’d go with the electrodynamic theory rather than the gravitational theory as it certainly doesn’t seem to need rather ludicruous unobserved stuff such as dark matter, dark energy or inflation to make it fit the observations.

Anyway, there are of course websites that have more material related to the Electric Universe such as http://www.holoscience.com.

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