A sign I’m making progress: A jew made a death threat against me

Sometimes it takes me quite a while to approve comments as I don’t always notice when there are new ones awaiting in the queue, but today I noticed a few older ones and I was in for a bit of a surprise as it certainly looks like hebrew trolls have been riled up a bit by my post that outed Elon Musk as a probable Talmud following psychopath. A commenter using none other name than “Elon Musk” wrote last week:

You are right on target!!! Elon is indeed an Israeli (and therefore Jewish) name!!!

The meaning of the name is Oak (the tree).

His parents probably named him after Yigal Elon , An Israeli born, young General in the 1948 war of independence. Elon founded the “Mistaaravim” commando unit that specialized in infiltrating Arab military, pare-military, and terror organizations. These people literally killed with their bare hands, people like yourself. Their followers in the IDF and the Israeli intelligence organizations are carrying the same actions today. Even a pathetic looser like you, probably heard names like:

Fatchi Shkaki

Mahmud El Mabhuh (The guy who was wasted in a Dubai hotel, remember?)

Imad El Morania – The Hezbollah operations officer

Halil El Wazir (Abu Jihad)

and many others.

By the way, not ALL the loosers that were eliminated by these Israeli organizations were Arab Muslims. Some of them considered themselves to be good Christians from European descent.

Sleep well.

Now that’s one vile barely veiled death threat that’s for sure! But you can bet I’m sleeping well knowing I managed to get one of these creeps crawl out of his crypt and show the world what kind of bloodthirsty monsters they are.

A simple IP search revealed that the threat seems to originate from the Tel Aviv-Haifa axis, the domain belonging to Netvision NOC team in Omega Building, MATAM Industrial Park, Haifa 31905, Israhell (the israeli internet defence league probably has offices there…).

Might be a good idea to send a few nukes down over there just to make sure the creeps won’t rise up again.

Anyway, there’s of course some more stuff available on the pathological behavior of Mr. Musk such as this blog post that asks the question “is Elon Musk a pathological liar?”.

Its ending certainly reveals the prevailing mainstream American perspective on such matters:

Seriously, what difference does it makes if Musk can’t tell the truth to save his life? If mendacity is what we need to get the electric-car economy going—in the worst economy in living memory—then let the guy keep right on lying.

Right! If it takes a psychopath (who allegedly basically stole the company and knowhow to make them from the original inventor) to sell overpriced electric cars then let him be a psychopath. Now that’s insanity!

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