Crazy summer + a Canadian tale of civilizational collapse

Once again I plead guilty to the charge that I have been a lazy blogger, but in my defence I have to say I have tried my best to solve my financial problems which keep on putting more pressure on my intellectual and activist pursuits. The problem has been that I’m too damn smart for working my ass off in a regular job for some jew’s profit like most gentiles do these days which at this time has led me to spending time chasing wealthy white women (damn the society that has given many of them unearned wealth but if they have money who am I to say no). Specifically I have been keeping my eyes locked on both Dutch and Norwegian women since the little eugenicist in my head has discerned they offer the most potential for further advancement of the White Race given my own set of genes (the deal is that she brings in the beauty and wealth and I bring in my brains.. a priceless item). I’m sure any day now could be a lucky day for both me and the White Race.

Anyway, going back to more serious matters, I note that Tommy Taylor wrote recently a rather chilling account of his experiences in the aftermath of the G20 meeting in Toronto. The original work contains plenty of typos and such but that is easily forgiven considering the author wrote it shortly after enduring prolonged torment in police custody among many others.

Based on my reading the whole sequence of events is of course rather outrageous and certainly bodes nothing good for ordinary people. With a security budget of around $1B the Canadian secret police had their own Black Bloc fake protesters working as agent provocateurs causing havoc while the ordinary police apparently had orders to let the media shoot some scary footage (a common practice these days…) for public consumption.

Sometime after the agent provocateurs had made themselves scarce the police started rounding up peaceful protesters and totally innocent passers-by. Many of these were then kept under arrest for close to 24 hours in a large facility where no human decency could and would not be assured (minimal supply of water and food in small cages that confined up to 40 “protesters”). And the security people just did what they were ordered to do. The few decent people among them were powerless. Obviously rather clear evidence that Canadian security apparatus has been ponerized.

If the authorities won’t be punished for this (unlikely!) it’s pretty clear the elites are busy trying to re-create the Gulag Archipelago in Canada right now (the Americans down south certainly have their FEMA camps already ready for the right “emergency”). And I thought the Canuks were still relatively civilized.

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