Lies about lying

Stuff like the following is always worth knowing Detecting Lies: Top 3 Myths, Top 5 Proven Factors:

Lies are extremely difficult to detect. Research shows the average person barely does any better than chance. Part of the reason may be there’s so much misinformation about how to detect lies floating around.

So it seems liers have been busy lying how to detect lies. I really wonder why. Hey, it almost seems liers don’t want to be caught when they lie and it seems they have been quite succesful. It’s worth thinking about that. Of course they haven’t been lying only about lying as any sensible person should realize. I have no idea how much of what politicians say about certain things are blatant lies (instead of stupidity) but I am definitely often very suspicous (and it’s just crazy that there might really be many people who think that a politician isn’t lying whenhe’s promising “free education” or some such things because he doesn’t fidget or look away while doing it). There’s not often good reasons to believe they are telling the truth about why they are supporting certain causes and policies. They often just want to loot more of what taxpayers produce.

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