Chaos out of the oil spill

I know, they supposedly want to create order out of chaos, but I think sometimes they also create chaos out of order just for fun (they being psychopaths after all). And the BP oil spill may well be just such an event (I’m sure many who read this are already familiar with various reasons to suspect foul play, such as many decisions made by the oil company overseers that suggest they wanted to guarantee that an “accident” would happen and major selling of BP stock only a few weeks before the disaster by various insiders like GS). In any case several consequences of the event also surely work in their favor:

  • people are distracted
  • the jew Feinberg is in charge of handing out at least $20B in compensation (expect massive fraud!)
  • America (and I guess Britain too) is another step closer to bankruptcy and third world status
  • the death toll in human and animal lives will be incalculable (though surely enough to make a psychopath smile).. especially if the stories of the toxicity of those dispersants like COREXIT are true

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