Reading Douglas Reed and waking people up

It’s no secret that at times I feel like I’m losing my faith in the decency of womenfolk, but thankfully every once in a while a woman surprises me positively. The most recent such positive example is brought to you and me by the fabulous Occidental Observer: a female who digs Douglas Reed! A precious white pearl that’s for sure! And she writes:

I believe it is all but impossible to understand the world today without reading The Controversy of Zion

And I think that’s true or at least it’s not easy to find a substitute for Reed’s work which tells a rather compelling story of events that have been mostly hidden from ordinary mortals.

Anyway, I put together a quick list of the more interesting books I have read in the past two and a half years:

  • The Controversy of Zion — Douglas Reed
  • The Culture of Critique — Kevin MacDonald
  • Ceasar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus — Joseph Atwill
  • None Dare Call it Conspiracy — Gary Allen
  • My Awakening — David Duke
  • Jewish Supremacism — David Duke
  • Pawns in a Game — William Guy Carr
  • Satan, Prince of this World — William Guy Carr
  • Rothschild Money Trust — George Armstrong
  • The Naked Capitalist — W. Cleon Skousen
  • Tragedy and Hope — Carroll Quigley
  • Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years — Israel Shahak
  • The Other Side of Deception — Victor Ostrovsky
  • The Mask of Sanity — Hervey Cleckley
  • America’s Decline: An Education of a Conservative — Revilo P. Oliver
  • Painful Questions — Eric Hufschmid
  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

There’s certainly much interesting material in most of those books (and I have briefly written about many of them) but in overall importance I’d say that maybe only Kevin MacDonald’s book comes close to the Reed’s one. In my opinion Reed’s only major flaw was his apparent belief in Christianity but it doesn’t seem to have clouded his judgement fatally.

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