Another day in America, another frame-up of a pro-white figure?

Edgar J. Steele, the rather talented jew-aware lawyer and writer, wrote in his last Nickel Rant in May after recovering from some difficulties that had kept him away from writing for a while:

So I will return to attempting to agitate the choir a bit more than normal, in hopes that the discontent will trickle down to others.  There is a change afoot in America and throughout the world – I know you can feel it – but it is far from being enough, as yet.  Not until I see “normal” people marching in the streets with pitchforks, rocks and firebrands, just as now is taking place in Thailand.  Not until I see guillotines erected across America as the French did two centuries ago, with the bankers, politicians and other establishment mainstays being cycled through them.

(a man to my liking… though I guess I’d hope Americans would be smart enough to bring their guns to the battle rather than pitchforks)

And surprise, the feds have now quite possibly fabricated a case against him (I certainly don’t think that is a very unlikely possibility considering past things). On a positive side he is now only in custody facing years in prison and not dead (yet) like Curt Maynard and some others.

It’s time to wake up folks. This shit is for real.

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