Judicial madness in Finland

BBC reports: Finland sentences Rwanda preacher to life for genocide

A Finnish court has sentenced a Rwandan preacher to life in jail for his participation in Rwanda’s genocide.

Francois Bazaramba, 59, moved in 2003 to the Scandinavian country which allows prosecutions for crimes against humanity wherever they are committed.

And the Finnish citizens, of which 920 000 out of little over 5 million are poor by EU-standards, are paying incredible legal fees which have mounted since the legal personnel had to for example travel to Rwanda to interview witnesses. And of course the accused will appeal against the sentence so there’s no telling how much more they have to pay.

News like this certainly remind me of the reasons I originally decided to leave Finland (it wouldn’t be so bad if I had any faith the system would be correct in its sentencing.. though even in that case I don’t think the taxpayers should be liable for such waste)

Things would certainly be simpler if Finland had taken the white nationalist path. No negros, no problems like this (or certainly fewer and the travel expenses to other European countries would be cheaper as well). Or alternatively the application of simple utilitarian principles coupled with enlightened self-interest (of the citizens) forced upon the judicial system would certainly prevent waste like this from happening again.

It’s also worth noting that the Finnish Justice Minister Tuija Brax declared that the expenses (2.8M euro so far) are reasonable (no need for fixing the system… right). I’d take that as another reason to keep women out of jobs that they don’t have the mental faculties for. Don’t be surprised if Finland follows Greece into bankruptcy as naturally a thing like this is just the tip of the iceberg. And now even more so as both the president and the prime minister are females.

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